Rejoice With Me

sam celebrateIf you have known me for any time in the past year, you know Sam plays (and lives and breathes) hockey.  He loves every save, every steal, and celebrates every goal. In the scheme of his career there may be hundreds of goals, maybe even thousands….he’s already scored a couple dozen….but he celebrates each one. Each one makes him excited. (Each goal also convinces him he’s becoming more and more like Gordie Howe – but that’s another story).  Stick up, hands up in the air with a Rick Flair “wwwwooooooo”.  He celebrates – watches for the coach reactions, looks for our reactions – looking for anyone who would be willing to celebrate with him.  It’s pretty exciting to watch and honestly, I give a big “wwwoooooo”, too.


Ridiculous? Yes. Excessive? Probably.  Too much? Maybe.  But what should we learn? As usual, there’s a Bible lesson in there somewhere.  Yes, even in 6 year old, Dynamite hockey.  


Suppose a woman has ten silver coins and loses one. Doesn’t she light a lamp, sweep the house and search carefully until she finds it? And when she finds it, she calls her friends and neighbors together and says, ‘Rejoice with me; I have found my lost coin.’ — Luke 15:8-9

Every day we encounter little gifts – blessings – from God. Little things we often overlook. We get overwhelmed with the 13 other things that didn’t go the way we hoped, that when the something positive – a small victory – happens, we sometimes don’t stop to celebrate it.  I can remember when my kids said their first words – it was huge and amazing. We called the grandparents and posted it on Facebook. Now they talk so much it makes my ears ring. Hearing “Mama” sounds different today than it did a few years ago.  But the point, is, these little victories matter to God and they ought to matter to us. It’s these small “nudges” that build our faith and make it stronger.

Despite this season of busyness and traveling and excess…..don’t forget to stop and celebrate the small gifts….the small, insignificant victories…this season. Christ’s birth in a humble manger was small, seemingly insignificant, but worthy of rejoicing.


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A mom, daughter, sister, employee, wife to a pastor. Which translates into zookeeper, counselor, friend, flight attendant, shrink, teacher, cheerleader, chef, maid, hockey enthusiast and all around wrangler of a busy house with 2 young kids and a dog and three guinea pigs. I love this crazy house and the silly things who live in it. I love Jesus. I love coffee – I am often huddled around the coffeepot.

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