I am a work in progress……..

This blog is just like me…in progress….and I suspect that is you, too.

Writing has always been a way to “process through” life for me. What I publish here are results of my own questions, thoughts, fumbles and flat out slip-on-the-ice-and-bruise-my-tush, and fears.  Join me, let’s slip on the ice together. It will hurt, but it will be fun.

But first, let’s huddle around the coffee pot.

Who am I besides a coffee addict?

A mom, daughter, sister, wife to a pastor. Which translates into zookeeper, counselor, friend, flight attendant, shrink, teacher, cheerleader, chef, maid, and all around wrangler of a busy house with 2 young kids, a dog and a guinea pig. I love this crazy house and the silly things who live in it. I love Jesus. I love coffee – I am often huddled around the coffeepot.